What we do

What is Playground Portraits?

Playground portraits was set up by two mums, Aurelie & Ellie, who feel strongly that there should be more passion in school photos. These pictures mark key points of our children's passage through their school years and we want to provide photos full of emotion & nostalgia that will be treasured for years to come. Ellie & Aurelie are both natural-light photographers with successful businesses working in the portrait industry.

What is different?

It's a fresh approach. We offer fun photography at school.  The portraits are a mixture of posed and candid. But our main aim is to capture the essence of the children at school, to provide keepsakes of their childhood.

How does it work?

The school or school PTA book us for a day or two (or three, depending on the size of your school). There is no booking fee, and the school (or PTA) takes a % profit for their fundraising. In exchange we ask for a few assistants from the PTA or staff for organising the children.

What happens on the day?

Our helpers will bring children out of class in small groups and we get to “work” immediately by asking them to show us their skills on the play equipment. We work fast, allowing about two minutes per child/sibling group. Our helpers make sure we have a constant flow of children coming from class, being photographed and being taken back to class.

Portraits are taken on the playground or other areas of the school such as the woodland classroom or garden. We are very experienced at shooting in all weather conditions, even the rain. We have lots of tricks for coping with rainy weather but still getting a variety of shots for parents.  We can make use playground shelters, our specially-chosen photogenic umbrellas, the school hall or our event shelter when the weather calls for it. 



How do parents get their prints & digitals?

Each family will receive a link from us via the school to our online form. We ask for your details in order to match you to your child and be able to send you the photos directly rather than involving the school office.

When we return from working at the school, we select the best photos of each child. These are then uploaded into individual password-protected galleries (one per family) and emailed to you using the details from our form.
Parents can then make their selections and place their order directly through our website.  

Digital purchases are emailed instantly to you. Print orders take about 10 days from the end of the ordering period, and are delivered to school in one big batch.

How much?

Zero cost to the school. For parents, we keep it simple with few choices of small format prints and high resolution files - find out more 

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