Cost to the School

Zero cost to the school.

For the school PTA to receive a % of profits, we simply ask for volunteers to assist on the day & distribute parent orders afterwards.

Cost to Parents

Zero cost to parents.

At Playground Portraits we like to keep things simple with a few choices.
There is no cost for the shoot itself, and you choose either prints or digitals from our pricelist below.


7x5" size print in a high-quality white
9x7" mount for framing yourself.

Single Mounted Print  :  £10

Mounted Prints, Pack of 3  :  £20

Mounted Prints, Pack of 6  :  £35

Mounted Prints, Pack of 9  :  £50

Digital Images

Digital images in high resolution for printing yourself, delivered via digital download.

Single Digital Image:  £10

Digital Images, Pack of 3  :  £20

Digital Images, Pack of 5  :  £28

Digital Images, Pack of 8  :  £34