Accessing your gallery


Enter your email address - You can use any email address, as long as it is one you check regularly as this will be used to remind you when the gallery is about to close.

Enter your password - this will be provided from the school, or at the bottom of an email direct from Playground Portraits

Password problems - If you get “incorrect password” or similar message it is usually because the password has an extra character added, if you have copied and pasted it from the email. Try typing it out yourself and this usually solves the problem. If you still have problems after that please email us at to let us know.

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Your images will be displayed, if you wish to purchase any prints or digitals you simply click the SHOPPING CART icon on a photo (as shown)

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Ordering prints or digitals


Both PRINTS and DIGITAL FILES are available - in various pack sizes.

Scroll down to see the whole list.

If you click on an item, the product description appears to give you more information

To purchase a package, click ADD TO CART

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Once you have chosen your package, you will see page where you select the images you want.

In this example, we have chosen DIGITAL IMAGES - PACK OF 3 so there are three boxes. Click on each box and select an image. You can select all the the same image or all different images - up to you.


The Pricelist

Here are the products we offer - if you are having problems finding these in the gallery see instructions above..


7x5" size print in a high-quality white 9x7" mount for framing yourself.

Single Mounted Print  :  £10

Mounted Prints, Pack of 3  :  £20

Mounted Prints, Pack of 6  :  £35

Mounted Prints, Pack of 9  :  £50


Digital images in high resolution for printing yourself, delivered via digital download.

Single Digital Image:  £10

Digital Images, Pack of 3  :  £20

Digital Images, Pack of 5  :  £28

Digital Images, Pack of 8  :  £34




How do I download my images?
After you purchase digital images, your download link will be sent you via email immediately. Please download your images ASAP as this link will only remain valid for 3 months.

I didn’t receive / can’t find my download email, what should I do?
If you do not receive this email, please check that it didn’t mistakenly go into your email’s junk folder. If you still do not find it please let us know ASAP via email

I received my email, but the download link doesn’t work!
For security reasons, you have seven days to download your images from the download link email. After 7 days the link will no longer work so you need to request another - see below

My download link has expired, help!
If you forget to download your images within 7 days, the link will expire. If you contact us at with your ORDER NUMBER we can send you a fresh download email. Please note we can only offer this option within 3 months of the date your order. After 3 months we have to archive all photos to save on storage space, and although we may still be able to help we may have to charge an archive retrieval fee for the administration costs in processing this.

Where should I print my photos for best results?
Unfortunately we can’t recommend the professional printing labs as these are only available to photographers. However the company DS COLOUR LABS has a good reputation and can be relied upon for good colour callibration and quality. Beware some of the high street or cheaper online printers who can be inconsistent in their results particularly with regards to colours or contrast being slightly off.


Where are my prints?
Prints are delivered to school for distribution around 7 - 10 days after all galleries close.


Still having problems?

If you need further help, please just send us a message

Alternatively, you can call Ellie on 07900 886959 or Aurelie on 07941 567 062 during office hours.