What's the difference between HIRES and LORES?

Your digital package includes two versions of each image.

HI-RES images are suitable for printing. HI-RES images are supplied as JPEG files at 300dpi resolution in sRGB format.

LO-RES images are for sharing on facebook or instagram, or sending on email. Do not try to print LO-RES they will are not large enough to print, use HIRES instead. LO-RES images are supplied as JPEG files at 72dpi resolution in sRGB format.

Printing your images

You’re probably not as fussy as us about print quality. But we want to make you aware that the cheaper printers open to the non-professional, such as Boots, Snapfish and Photobox, provide unreliable colours and resolution. Sometimes your prints will be fine, other times they may be awful (for example too green, too dark, flat). Be on the lookout for colour accuracy and depth of contrast in your prints. Cheap prints will also fade, and the colours will spoil over time. Using a good lab ensures that your photos will stay beautiful forever.


By purchasing your HI-RES files you are purchasing a copy of each image with full printing rights. You do not have the copyright of any images. The copyright is retained by Playground Portraits. You have permission to print or distribute these copyrighted images for personal use only. You may also use the images files for email, social networking and personal blogs. You may not distribute / use these images for advertising or commercial use. You may not edit / modify / create derivative works of these images.

Remember to backup!

Although your computer or hard-disk may be working at the moment – technology does fail! We regret are unable to re-supply your images due to technical failure so please remember to make a backup of your images ASAP.


If you have any other questions please email us at