About Playground Portraits

Playground Portraits is run by Aurelie & Ellie, two professional photographers in the family photography sector.


Aurelie Kennedy

Little Toad Photography

My first name is french and so am I. You pronouce it O-re-lee. It comes from Latin meaning "golden one".

Photography has become a very important part of my life, ever since I made the decision to go from passionate amateur to full time professional.

My two children gave me everything I needed to build Little Toad Photography: The patience to wait for something wonderful to happen.  The joy of seeing beauty everywhere.  Their love for each other, that I see and capture daily.  The desire to produce all of this for the families who hire me. 

I live in Marple Bridge, Cheshire, with my husband,  our dove Callum (10), our rainbow Iris (8) and little Agatha (1).

Find out more at www.littletoadphotography.com


Ellie Cotton

Dandelion Photography

I'm a mum of two, perfectionist, chocolate-addict, photographer. 

With my company Dandelion Photography, I specialise in natural light newborn & family photography. My photography style is clean and timeless, and I love emotional and documentary photography.

I have been just slightly addicted to photography for over 25 years, and in all that time have never tired of it - there is always more to learn and develop as an artist. 

I am based in Bollington, Cheshire, where I live with my husband and two high-energy children, Eva (9) and Kit (5). They are probably the most photographed children in Cheshire, but also undoubtedly my toughest clients!  

Find out more at www.dandelionphotography.co.uk